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TEC Series® 3D Models and CAD prints available on and

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Viewing prints and 3D models of TEC Series® has never been easier.

Available on and are TEC Series 3D models and CAD drawings. Over 70 3D models spanning our TEC Series lines are available to view and download.

The 3D widget allows users to use thier mouse to drag and turn the wedge locking washer and to zoom in and out using the scroll wheel. There over 50 different file type of prints are available for download for a single model, including STEP files, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD and more. Design engineers can integrate these drawings with your fastening projects for a better design capabilities.TEC Series washers keep the joint and bolts securely fastened, unable to separate due to vibration. TEC Series washers are used in a variety of industries including renewable energy, automotive, computer technology, oil and gas, and any application that experiences high vibration. For more information on TEC Series washers, visit our wedge locking washers and nuts page, or contact us!

TEC Series® Alloy Steel Washers (SCM435 or 4130)

TEC Series® Large Diameter Alloy Steel Washers (SCM435 or 4130)

TEC Series® 316L Stainless Steel Washers

TEC Series® Large Diameter Stainless Steel Washers


Made in America Rivet Nuts

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Did you know Sherex Fastening Solutions is a Made in America Fastener Company?

Our manufacturing plant in Akron, Ohio makes millions of American made rivet nuts, compression limiters, and inserts for composites every year. Our parts out of Sherex Akron belong in some of the hottest vehicles on the road today, dozens of commercial and military aircraft, general industrial applications, and department of defense products. In fact, our Made in the USA rivet nuts were relied upon when companies pivoted to make products that helped mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, like hand sanitizer and ventilator stands, along with other critical applications for hospitals.

Some of our most popular rivet nut lines are produced out of Sherex Akron, including our CAT and CFT Series, NAS Series, and custom rivet nuts and fasteners.

The CAT style rivet nuts has a low profile flange and can fit into a variety of different material thickness and material. This rivet nut could be a one fit solution if the material you’re looking to fasten has different thickness.

CAT Style Rivet Nut from Sherex

CAT Series Rivet Nuts

All NAS style rivet nuts are also made from our Sherex Akron location. The United States Department of Defense relies on Sherex NAS/MS rivet nuts for a variety of applications.

Our inserts for composite product line is used for structural attachments in plastic applications and are used extensively in the automotive and heavy truck industries as customer drive light weighting initiatives by switching to composite material for their components. In addition, Sherex adds compression limiters to these applications to ensure the mating component is not damaged due to the compressive force of the fastened joint.

NAS Style Rivet Nuts

NAS Style Rivet Nuts

Also, most custom rivet nuts are made out of Sherex Akron. With our staff of engineers and manufacturing facility, we’re able to see custom, American made rivet nuts from the design and manufacturing process all the way through quality control.

More upgrades are being made to the facility planned in 2020 to help increase capacity as demand as our Made in America rivet nut products continues to grow. More to come from Sherex Akron!