Compression Limiters

Compression limiters can be an essential component in joint assembly, preventing overstressing of the base material and fastener clamp load loss during installation. These cylindrical or annular components, usually made from steel, stainless steel, brass, or aluminum, work in conjunction with fasteners like blind rivet nuts to provide metal-to-metal transfer of forces during assembly. This ensures that the surrounding material remains undamaged and does not deform or pull/push out the threaded fastener due to excessive pressure or force.

Compression limiters are designed to fill a gap for a metal-on-metal load transfer to protect the fastener and material from damage. When the fastener is tightened, the compression limiter compresses between the fastener head and the metal parts being joined for a compact assembly.

Compression limiters are widely used in automotive, aerospace, construction and agricultural equipment, and in general construction where high strength and reliability are crucial. They are particularly useful in applications where the joint must withstand significant loads or stresses, such as in structural connections or engine components.

Sherex custom engineers compression limiters for each application, taking into account specific material, dimensional, and performance requirements. Please fill out the form below if interested in seeking more information about Sherex compression limiters and to even see what’s available for immediate purchase.


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