Fastener Solutions for Solar and Battery Storage

Sherex has extensive experience in the solar industry with millions of rivet nuts and wedge locking washers and nuts being used on racking systems and battery storage systems throughout the United States and Europe every year.

With solar being one of the most efficient clean energy options in the world, its popularity has steadily increased amongst homeowners, business owners, and power companies. According to SEIA, in 2023 over half of all new U.S. electric generating capacity was from solar generation. Worldwide, solar powering the grid is expected to surpass coal energy by 2027, an incredible feat as it wasn’t long ago coal power dominated the world.

As more solar systems are deployed, more are looking for ways to be more efficient. Sherex products help racking manufactures and solar companies to assemble and secure the racking and battery storage systems efficiently. All of Sherex product lines have been used in the solar energy and storage industry — rivet nuts, tooling and automation systems, and its TEC Series and Disc-Lock wedge locking washers.


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FHL Series -- Full Hex Body Rivet Nuts

Sherex best practice fastener, these are used on racking systems to for easy assembly in the field. Instead of field installers having to use both a bolt and a nut to attach components to the system, all is needed is a bolt, saving the field assemblers time.

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Sherex Specials -- Half Hex Rivet Nuts

This part shown below us used on battery packs to help assemble and attach critical components in the battery packs. Battery storage accompanies nearly 25% of all solar farms to store energy and distribute it to the grid when needed.

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Disc-Lock Washers

These wedge-locking washers are recommended for applications with permanent joints, where fasteners will not need to be removed. These are located on a number of solar racking systems in large solar fields to keep the joint secure.

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TEC Series Washers

TEC Series washers are reusable and can be used in applications where there might be a need for removal and re-application. These are used on door panels in battery storage systems that feature vibration.

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Disc-Lock Nuts

Using the same wedge locking technology as Disc-Lock and TEC Series washers, Disc-Lock Nuts are heavy duty and maintain clamp load in heavy vibration and weather environments. Can be used with Class 10.9 and Grade 8 bolts.

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Optisert Rivet Nuts

This the best performing rivet nut on the market in softer materials, like aluminum. If manufacturers cannot product a hex hole, Optisert is recommended in aluminum wracking systems.

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FLEX-5 Hand Tools

Hydro-pneumatic rivet nut hand tool used to install full hex, half hex, and round body rivet nuts for low and high volume installations.

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Automation Systems

For high volume installations of rivet nuts. Can be used with a robotic arm or manually fed.

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