Fastener Solutions for the Electric Vehicle Industry

Sherex are experts in fasteners for the Electric Vehicle industry. As the demand and popularity continues to rise for EVs, Sherex has been there along the way to provide solutions and innovations for some of the largest EV makers in the world.

Sherex understands the differences and nuances between EVs and combustion engine vehicles, and it’s not just the way the vehicle runs that’s the difference. Discharging electrical currents safely is something a number of EVs have relied on Sherex for solutions to. Also, EVs use more aluminum, composites and carbon fiber than traditional combustion engine vehicles in the past. Sherex has a wide range of fastening options for those thin-sheet base materials that will make vehicles easier to assemble and while increasing the strength of the joints.

Beyond fasteners, Sherex also has the tooling capabilities that are assembly line ready, including performance monitoring tools and automation systems that can install hundreds of fasteners an hour.

Most of Sherex’s solution eliminate secondary process like welding, or the need to attached a standard hex nut on the backside of the through bolt.

Fasteners In Electric Vehicles

Popular solutions for EVs:

RIV-FLOAT® | Clinch Nuts | Rivet Nuts – Grounding Nuts | Rivet Nut Studs | Nut and Stud Plates | Process Monitoring and Automation Tools


Step Hoop Rails, Roof Racks, General Assembly

RIV-FLOAT features a floating thread inside the rivet nut which allows the through bolt to be installed at an angle. This allows for faster assembly times without giving up on joint integrity.


Clinch Nuts

Clinch NutsSeat Belt, Bumper assemblies

Clinch nuts are pressed into the base material and are used when the material is too thin to tap threads. These are used all over the vehicle, like seat belt and bumper assemblies.

Clinch Nuts>>

Rivet Nuts - Grounding Nuts

Fastening Battery Packs, Roof Racks, General Assembly

Sherex uses a variety of different style of rivet nuts as grounding nuts to safely discharge electricity from the vehicle. These can be used in and around the battery pack, and in other assemblies throughout the vehicles. Millions of these fasteners are used every year in the EV market.

Blind Rivet Nuts>>

Rivet Nut Studs

General Assembly

Also can be used as grounding nuts, rivet nut studs already feature the through bolt installed in the rivet nut. They’re installed the same way as rivet nuts.

Rivet Nut Studs>>

Stud and Nut Plates

Stud and Nut PlatesBumper, Spoiler, Door and General Assemblies

Sherex Stud and Nut Plates provide strength in composite and other light-weighting material without compromise the integrity of the base material. EV manufactures use these products because they are easier and faster to install than typical weld nuts, and provide improved alignment in the application.

Stud and Nut Plates>>

Process Monitoring and Automation Tools

Installation Tools

Sherex’s Process Monitoring and Automation tooling ensures a proper install every time. Sherex configures the tools based on the fastener and base material and performance metrics are analyzed instantaneously with every installation to determine a correct install or not.

Process Monitoring System>>