Sherex Process Monitoring Installation System

Sherex offers Process Monitoring Systems for both FLEX-5 and FLEX-18 rivet nut installation tools. This innovative installation tool combines quality assurance with efficiency, ensuring the proper installation of Sherex threaded inserts/rivet nuts.

Process Monitoring ScreenEach Process Monitoring System comes specifically configured by Sherex engineers to evaluate the installation of every rivet nut that is installing into the application. The system analyzes the specific rivet nut and the the base material to determine instantly if the the installation was perfect or not. If an installation is “Not OK”, there are “stop tool” functions to allow operations to review the installation and make corrections before installations can begin.

Sherex tooling and automation engineers also assist in the implementation of the system at the assembly facility to ensure a proper set up. Sherex’s Process Monitoring Systems are used in both low and high volume settings, including on an assembly line.

Some industries, like the auto industry, require Process Monitoring Systems for the installations in some assemblies, and more industries are adapting to this quality standard. By performing perfect installations, efficiency and quality increase, while waste and costs decrease.

Ensure perfect installations and take your quality control processes to the next level with Process Monitoring Systems from Sherex.

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Other Benefits

  • View historical installation data
  • 2-3 second cycle time
  • Quality data reporting to USB or server
  • Easy to read and view screens
  • Sherex configured
  • Customizable
  • For use on assembly line



Process Monitoring Screen