Fastener Solutions for Composite Materials

Composites are continuing to become the more and more popular with auto, aerospace, renewables, heavy trucks and general industrial applications. Not only are composites strong, but they are lightweight, which can make vehicles, planes and trucks more fuel efficient and keep a charge longer.

Composites are also very versatile since they can be easily molded into intricate designs and they are also pretty resistant to fatigue and weather compared to other softer metals.

With all these advantages and rising popularity, rivet nuts are a great fastener for composite materials and there are a variety of fastening products that work exceptionally well with plastic and composite.

Take a look below at Sherex’s Best Practice Fasteners for Composite:

Optisert | CPB Series | RIV-FLOAT | Rivet Nut Studs | Tubtara

Optisert (Wedgehead and Knurls)

Optisert was specifically made for softer materials like composites and plastics. It’s performance to resist against spin-out is by far the best amongst all round body rivet nuts on the market. Optisert is used in the auto, heavy truck and general industry assemblies.


CPB Series (Prebulbed, Slotted Body)

CPB Series -- Plusnut Rivet NutThese prebulbed rivet nuts are the strongest against pull out as it’s backside surface area is the largest amongst the fasteners listed. Used in general industry manufacturing like playground, furniture and other assemblies that use plastic or composite material.


RIV-FLOAT (Floating Nut)

This innovative, patented rivet nut featuring a floating thread inside the fastener to allow for off-center through bolt installations. Popular in the aerospace, automotive and with general industry assemblies.


Rivet Nut Studs (Stud Installed Through Rivet Nut)

Rivet nut studs work the same way as rivet nuts. They are installed in a similar way with standard rivet nut tooling, but they already have the stud installed. This saves installers the step of putting in the through bolt. The rivet nut and stud are customized for the application. Popular in automotive and heavy truck assemblies.


Tubtara DPX (Smooth Body with Underhead Seal)

Tubtara Sheres HDPX Rivet NutsThis is a thick-walled rivet nut with an underhead seal to help eliminate dust and fluid from entering the base material. High-quality rivet nut, popular in all industries, especially in applications that need water/fluid proofing.


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