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Sherex Akron

Sherex Fastening Solutions’ Akron manufacturing facility has a proven history manufacturing world class fastening products to a variety of industries. Our facility in Akron, Ohio has over 30 machines that help cut, tap, form, and sort a wide-range our “Made in the USA” fasteners and rivet nuts for many major Fortune 500 manufacturers and government entities, including the Department of Defense.

All of our MS and NAS style rivet nuts are made at this location along with any product or fastener that is required to be Made in the USA.

Sherex AkronOur facility has the capacity to produce over 3.5 million parts per month, and handles both small and large runs. Depending on the scope, most lead times are about 6-weeks.

Sherex Fastening Solutions’ Akron, Ohio manufacturing manufacturing team has over 150+ years of experience in manufacturing, the majority of that in the fastener industry. We have a large team of engineers who are ready to provide recommendations for best fastening solutions to your project or to create a new solution that will help your company save time, money, and improve performance.

The 23,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility holds itself at the highest standards, which has enabled Sherex to achieve a PPM equal to zero over the last 12 months. All parts are either handsorted or optical-sorted prior to packing and shipping. Sherex Akron is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and compliant to AS9100 facility. The manufacturing facility is also QSLM Class 3 Certified through the Defense Logistics Agency. Two quality engineers are on site to ensure the quality of all parts and that the facility is operating to the standards we are certified to.

Sherex Akron has the capacity and capabilities to handle large and small scale projects with industry-leading turnaround times.

Sherex Akron produces a wide range of standard and custom rivet nuts, including NAS and MS style rivet nuts, screw machine products, brass fasteners, compression limiters and threaded inserts. These fasteners are used in thousands of products and adhere by the quality standards as stated above. With a team of experienced engineers, Sherex can provide expertise to any fastening problem and recommend a solution that would provide the best performance for the application.

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