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Clinch nuts are self-clinching, internally threaded nuts that are pressed into the base material. Often times, these high strength fasteners are used in material that is too thin to tap threads.

Clinch Nut Case Study

Read our case study to see how our clinch nuts made an immediate impact at a large auto manufacture

The installation of the clinch nut usually results in a flush mounting into the base material, which is desired by many manufacturers. Another reason why clinch nuts provide excellent value is because they can be installed at high volumes using automation lines or manually clinched with an arbor press or riveters.

Clinch nuts are a direct replacement for weldnuts and offer better spin and pull out than traditional weldnuts, plus they are faster to install. These fasteners oftentimes provide an immediate ROI for customers switching from weldnuts.

Clinch nuts are used throughout the auto industry, with applications in the bumper, seat belt assembly, and front end of the vehicle including the engine mount. Read our case study to see how one of the largest auto makers saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by switching to clinch nuts.

Ideal for applications that need:

  • Access to both sides of the base material
  • High thread strength and superior pull-out force requirements
  • Metal base materials: steel, stainless steel, and aluminum

For ideas on how you can use clinch nuts in your next project, contact us.

Sherex Clinch Nut Product Lines

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