Fastener Installation Systems

Quality fasteners are only as effective as the tools that install them. Sherex has a wide variety of quality rivet nut and fastening tools for both high-volume and low-volume projects. We are committed to providing comprehensive fastener installation systems that include the right-fit fastener and the right-fit installation tool at the lowest-total-installed-cost.

Sherex’s Recommended Tooling Solutions Brochure

Sherex has installation systems for rivet nuts, compression limiters, clinch nuts. Everything from hand tools, hydro-pneumatic tools, pneumatic tools, automation and robotic installation methods, and calibration units. Each of Sherex’s tools are high-quality and “assembly line” ready. Manufacturers and operators count on Sherex rivet nut tools for execution and durability.

Make sure you check out our hand tool calibration unit as well, which measures the installation force for both pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic tools. This helps operators ensure their tools are operating correctly, increasing quality, and decreasing waste. Sherex also offers performance monitoring on our Flex-5 tool.

Take a look below at some of Sherex’s tooling offerings. If you have any questions about any of the tooling options or want to inquire about what installation solution would be the best for your project, please contact us.

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Process Monitoring Systems | Hand Tools


Automation Systems

Fastener automation systems are best for large scale production environments where a significant number of fasteners are being installed into a large number of work pieces. Great for rivet nuts, clinch nuts, and compression limiters.

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Hydro-Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tools

The Flex-18 is the largest hydro-pneumatic (spin-pull) rivet nut installation tool on the market. It can pull up to 18,000 pounds of force, installing Sherex’s Large Size, Heavy Duty Rivet Nuts, the LRGH Series
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Sherex’s Flex-5 is one of the most popular rivet nut hand tools on the market. This spin pull tool can install a wide variety of rivet nuts and grip ranges, fast and efficient. They are easy to use and great for large scale installation projects. This Flex-5 also comes with Process Monitoring capabilities to ensure a perfect installation every time.
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Sherex Hand Tool Calibration Unit

Do you have hydro-pneumatic or pneumatic tools? How do you know it is setting rivet nuts at the right force? The new Sherex Hand Tool Calibration Unit lets users know the force in which the tool is installing rivet nuts at so adjustments can be made.

This calibration unit is easy to use and small enough to fit on a workbench. By periodically checking the installation force of your tools, quality increases and waste and costs decrease.

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Process Monitoring Systems

Sherex Process Monitoring Systems are available for both our FLEX-5 and FLEX-18 hand tools. These systems instantly evaluate whether or not an installation was satisfactory or not. Each system is configured by Sherex engineers, and designed to evaluate the part and the base material for evaluation.

These systems can be used on an assembly line and help manufactures and operators decrease waste and improve assemblies.

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