Solutions for Construction and Agriculture Equipment

Construction and Agricultural equipment are heavy duty and complex. They need to be reliable in harsh conditions, and their rotating, spinning, and vibrating parts need to be properly secured for the equipment to run correctly.

Fortunately, Sherex has innovative fastening products for heavy duty tractors, combines, cranes, loaders and other large, heavy duty vehicles in the Construction and Agricultural equipment industry that make them more reliable and fortify their structures and parts against the rigors of its working conditions.

Large size, heavy duty rivet nuts are most popular with these pieces of equipment. They help secure the exterior like window frames, mirrors and doors to the vehicle. But for as big as these rivet nuts are (ranging from M12 – M16 / 1/2” – 3/4”), we’ve supplied millions of #10-32 rivet nuts to a customer in the agriculture industry that assembles heavy machinery as well. Hexagonal body rivet nuts are Sherex’s best performing fastener and are suitable for the rigors construction and agricultural equipment endure every day.

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One of the most expensive parts of these big earth moving machines such as bulldozers, tractors, or dump trucks are the wheels. Disc-Lock’s safety wheel nuts is a relatively inexpensive solution to keeping the tire secure to prevent a wheel off. With lots of stop and go and vibration, it wont take much time for the tire to potentially loosen, come off, and cause injury or harm. TEC Series and Disc-Lock Washers help to prevent joints from loosening due to vibration and a variety of different sizes are found all over tractors, combines and other agriculture equipment.

Tractors, combines and other farm equipment feature a lot of steel to build and make these massive machines. Not only does that require steel or stainless steel fasteners, but with harsh weather conditions, Sherex offers additional sprays or coatings to help prevent corrosion of the joints as well.

Large Size, Full Hex Rivet Nuts

Exterior Assemblies

Large equipment requires large rivet nuts. Large size, full hex rivet nuts are Sherex’s strongest and best performing rivet nuts and size up to M16. Currently used around the door frames in enclosed tractors and other large size equipment. Installed with FLEX-18 tooling.

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Rivet Nut Studs

General Assembly

Rivet nut studs already feature the through bolt installed in the rivet nut. They’re installed the same way as rivet nuts and can be custom made based on stud length. Often times helps with assembly times because you can hang attachment off it during assembly. Also, a variety of standard rivet nuts are used the interior and exterior of construction and agricultural equipment.

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Clinch Nuts

Clinch NutsInternal Assemblies

Clinch nuts are pressed into the base material and are used when the material is too thin to tap threads. These are used internally and in cabins of construction and agricultural equipment, like seat belt assemblies and general attachment of material.

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TEC Series Wedge Locking Washer

Interior and Exterior Assemblies, Harvesters

Combines, Tractors, Earth Moving Machines have a lot in common: they all deal with heavy vibration. TEC Series washers keep joints secure against vibration throughout these pieces of equipment. TEC Series washers are reusable and are used in critical joints.

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FLEX-18 Tooling

Installation Systems

Large size rivet nuts requires installations using large size tools. Sherex’s FLEX-18 is a hydropneumatic tool that pulls up to 18,000 pounds of force to install large size rivet nuts. These are the only tools that can install large size rivet nuts.

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