Fastening Solutions for the Heavy Truck Industry

Heavy trucks and tractor trailers are an invaluable to economies of this world. They deliver goods to all ends of the earth. However, in order for these trucks to get from point A to point B they must be safe and reliable.

Reliability of heavy trucks and tractor trailers begin at the assembly line, where operators and installers build the truck for production.

Sherex has a variety of unique fastening solutions for heavy trucks and tractor trailers. Sherex fasteners, including rivet nuts, clinch nuts, tension lug nuts, and wedge locking washers and nuts handle heavy vibration and high torque loads on some of the most popular tractor trailers on the road. With vehicles fully loaded with cargo that weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds, each fastener plays a vital role in the safety of each truck on the road. Should any one of these fasteners come loose, a potentially dangerous situation could occur.

On the wheels, trucking fleets have adapted Disc-Lock’s M22 Safety Wheel Nut to help prevent dangerous wheel-offs, where wheels become so lose they come off the truck while the truck is in motion. Of the hundreds of thousands of wheels that have a Disc-Lock Safety Wheel Nut, there have been ZERO instances of a wheel off.

For many Heavy Truck fastener projects, Sherex designs custom fasteners specific for the application. This includes special platings, fasteners with underhead seals, compression limiters, compression limiting rivet nuts, clinch nuts and rivet nuts.

Take a look at some of the popular solutions Sherex provides to Heavy Truck manufacturers below:

Optisert Closed End Sealed

Cabin Assembly, Exterior Assembly

Heavy Trucks and Tractor Trailer are in serves for over 1 million miles and dozens of years. They last thing they want to worry about it water entering the cabin because of a leaky fastening joint. Optisert’s Closed End Sealed rivet nut helped solve a cabin leak on a popular American made tractor trailer and there hasn’t been a problem since!
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Disc-Lock Safety Wheel Nut

Wheel Assembly

One of the biggest nightmare for a trucking fleet is a wheel-offs. It puts the safety of the driver and everyone around them in a dangerous situation with the results being potentially catastrophic and very expensive. Sherex’s Disc-Lock M22 Safety Wheel Nut prevents wheel-offs due to vibration and keeps the wheels secure. From the hundreds of thousands of wheels that use the Safety Wheel Nut, a total of ZERO have come loose because of vibration.
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Clinch Nuts

Clinch NutsCabin Assembly

Clinch nuts are pressed into the base material and are used when the material is too thin to tap threads. These are popular in the cabin assembly and have been used for seat belt and other assemblies.
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Full Hex Body Rivet Nuts

Exterior, Cabin Assembly, Frame Rail Attachment, Trailer Attachment

Full hex body rivet nuts are the best performing rivet nuts on the market. They can handle Grade 5 / Class 8 proof load, and work well against spin-out and push-out. They are an ideal fastener for any part of a semi-truck and are always recommended as a best practice fastener.
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Exterior, Cabin Assembly, Trailer Attachment

Optisert is the best performing round body rivet nut on the market today, and is installed into softer material like aluminum, plastics and composites. Like hex body rivet nuts, Optisert can meet Class 8 and Grade 5 thread proof load and works extremely well against spin-out.
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