Disc-Lock M22 Safety Wheel Nut

Disc-Lock’s M22 Safety Wheel Nut is a 3-piece, Class-10 wedge locking wheel nut that helps prevent the loosening of wheels, and ultimately, dangerous wheel-offs due to vibration. They are designed to replace conventional lug nuts on commercial and military vehicles.

How Disc-Lock’s Safety Wheel Nut Works

Commercial vehicles are built for a much more strenuous life than non-commercial vehicles, but the lug nuts that are provided with commercial vehicles have the same performance as lighter cars and trucks. Commercial vehicles deal with more vibration, weight, breaking, heat, lateral bending due to cornering, and more acceleration and breaking with heavy loads. These factors contribute to settling and looseness of normal bolted wheel assemblies.

Locking Nut TechnologyWhen loosening begins to occur, Disc-Lock’s Safety Wheel Nuts uses wedge locking technology to maintain the clamping force as the nut is unable to overcome the wedge and loosen. The interlocking cams of the Safety Wheel Nut create a wedge effect because the cam angles are greater than the thread pitch, securing the joint.

Disc-Lock’s Safety Wheel Nuts are a simple and effective way to help prevent wheel-offs in tractor trailers, buses, garbage trucks, dump trucks and military vehicles. They are an inexpensive investment compared to the money saved on expensive litigation if a wheel-off occurred — which the NTSB estimates that around 750 to 1,000 trucks are involved in wheel-offs incidents every year.

Of all the vehicles that use a Disc-Lock Wheel Nut, zero wheel-offs have a occurred. Read our case study about a school bus fleet mitigated costly litigation by using Safety Wheel Nuts on their busses.

Saftey Wheel Nut Product Specs

Disc-Lock M22 Safety Wheel Nut

Disc-Lock’s M22 Safety Wheel Nut helps tractor trailers, buses, military vehicles and other heavy duty vehicles prevent dangerous wheel-offs through proven wedge locking technology.

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