Hand Tool Calibration Unit

Sherex Fastening Solution’s Hand Tool Calibration Unit is an instrument that will help manufacturers and operators improve the quality of their rivet nut installations in real time.

Hand Tool Calibration Unit Brochure

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The Hand Tool Calibration Unit measures the pulling force for BOTH pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic tools to ensure the tool is meeting the required setting force to install into the application. With the ability to measure the pull force of a tool before performing an install, operators are assured the tool is calibrated correctly for a perfect install.

The process is simple: pull your pneumatic or hydro-pneumatic tool into the Hand Tool Calibration Unit. The unit will display the value of the pulling force when any load is applied, and the load from the last seven pulls. It will also display the average of all the loads from when the unit was turned on.

The calibration unit also comes with a guide of what the pulling force should be for each rivet nut. This takes the guess work out of setting your installation tool.

This tool allows operators to use the tool with confidence as they periodically check the pulling force of the tool. It will also allow the operator to study how the tool functions, giving them further knowledge of the tool’s usual behavior. If the installation tool is behaving unusually, this information could help an operator determine if the tool potentially requires maintenance or repair.

Improving the quality of installations has a lot of other benefits besides increasing the performance of your product, including:

  • Installation efficiency
  • Maintenance reductions
  • Reducing scrap
  • Improving tool functionality
  • Scheduling tool maintenance
  • Ability to see the historical performance of the tool or operator
  • Compare installation methods
  • Mobile


Sturdy design, perfect for a workstation and light enough to be mobile. Two touch display screens for superior user design and performance.

  • Primary screen displays value curve when load detected from installation tool.
  • Secondary screen displays data from previous seven tests, and average from when unit was turned on.

Data Storage
Integrated microSD card slot to measure data for the tool and/or user.

Power Supply
The Hand Tool Calibration Unit can be plugged in via USB-C connection, or functional with a rechargeable battery pack connected via USB-C input.

Easy, interchangeable headsets for different thread sizes.

Sherex Hand Tool Calibration Unit Part Numbers

Part NumberDescription
SHTC-2AMain Cal. Unit
SHTC-HS-0632Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 6-32
SHTC-HS-0832Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 8-32
SHTC-HS-1024Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 10-24
SHTC-HS-1032Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 10-32
SHTC-HS-2520Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 1/4-20
SHTC-HS-2528Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 1/4-28
SHTC-HS-3118Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 5/16-18
SHTC-HS-3124Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 5/16-24
SHTC-HS-3716Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 3/8-16
SHTC-HS-3724Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 3/8-24
SHTC-HS-5013Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 1/2-13
SHTC-HS-M4Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 4 MM
SHTC-HS-M5Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 5 MM
SHTC-HS-M6Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 6 MM
SHTC-HS-M8Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 8 MM
SHTC-HS-M10Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 10 MM
SHTC-HS-M12Head Set - Mandrel & Anvil - 12 MM

Hand Tool Calibration Unit

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