Sherex Announces the Launch of Optisert®

Sherex Fastening Solutions Launches Optisert®,
A New Performance Leader in Round Body Rivet Nuts

January 10, 2023 (Tonawanda, NY) – The new standard is here.

Sherex Fastening Solutions, a global leader in engineered fasteners, tooling, and automation, has developed and launched Optisert®, a new round body rivet nut that will be the best performing round body rivet nut available on the market today.


Sherex Optisert

Optisert’s release culminates over five years of engineering design and research to develop a round body fastener that has superior strength and spin-out over typical, standard, round-body rivet nuts. Optisert will improve the quality of the applications that the fastener goes into because its resistance to spin-out and pull out failure.

“We are so proud to release Optisert as part of our standard offering,” Sherex president Adam Pratt said. “Optisert will deliver noticeable performance improvements over other standard round body rivet nuts on the market.”

What’s unique about Optisert is the diamond knurls underneath the head that gives the rivet nut superior grip to avoid it from easily spinning in the base material. Its strength to avoid it from spinning out is greater than a half hex rivet nut and comparable to a full hex rivet nut if installed correctly.

Closed End, Sealed Opisert is a standard offering

The spin-out performance of M6 Optisert in softer material like fiberglass, composite and aluminum has been tested near or greater than 20Nm. Other round body rivet nuts in similar material have a spin-out testing of 12Nm.

“We are telling customers if you cannot create a hex hole, then Optisert is the next best performing rivet nut,” Pratt said. “Right now it’s being used in a wide range of industries, including automotive and heavy truck.”

Optisert also comes standard in a closed end, sealed option where the seal does not compromise grip, and  performs well against the leaking of viscous substances into the base material.

Optisert is available now for orders and is recommended to be part of distributor’s standard line of rivet nut offerings.

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