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Preventing Wheel-Offs: Disc-Lock Safety Wheel Nut vs Securex

Wheel-offs are some of the most dangerous situations on the road. This happens when a wheel from a truck or car comes loose and rolls down the road. Whether the wheel-off occurs on a 30 mph road or a 65 mph freeway, runaway wheels are absolutely terrifying and always leads to incredibly unsafe and unpredictable situations. With the deadly risk that they pose, wheel-offs are a massive risk for any commercial trucking fleet.

How can this happen? Over time, thousands of miles of starting, stopping, turning, just putting wear and tear on your tires, lug nuts come loose.

There are ways to prevent wheel offs though. Disc-Lock and Securex make products that prevent wheel offs. But which one is better?

Disc-Lock M22 Safety Wheel Nut

Disc-Lock M22 Safety Wheel Nut

We put them both on our Junker’s machine to see which one could stand this rigorous vibration test. If a nut can withstand this kind of heavy vibration, then it will surely be able to handle the rigorous driving tractor trailers, off-road, and military vehicles have to endure on a day-to-day basis.

Disc-Lock Safety Wheel Nuts are used on many commercial, government and military fleets to give piece of mind that wheel offs won’t occur. Using Disc-Lock Safety Wheel Nuts to prevent a wheel off is a small price to pay compared to the risk of a potentially enduing a wheel-off.