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  1. Sherex Fastening Solutions Year in Review 2023!

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    Hi all! This year seemed to be the year when the COVID pandemic was clearly in the rearview mirror. We launched the best-performing round body rivet nut, Optisert (which customers love), traveled to see our great customers more than ever, and came up with some great solutions for our customers to solve difficult fastening problems.

    Optisert Buzz Is Growing


    Optisert’s diamond wedges and engineered knurls creates incredible spin-out resistance

    While saying Optisert is the best-performing round body rivet nut may sound like marketing talk, we have the data to back it up. Now, we have the customers too. Many assemblers made the switch to Optisert, and one chose the new round body standard over a potential, and costly, change to a hex body rivet nut too.

    The benefit is simple: Optisert’s spin-out performance in composite, plastics, carbon fiber, aluminum, and other softer materials is as great as a hex body rivet nut. Spin-out resistance is critical in many applications, and round body rivet nuts have had significantly less spin-out resistance than hex body rivet nuts. Now, if OEMs can’t produce a hex hole, they can feel confident that Optisert can deliver the performance they expect from a threaded fastener.

    We’ve seen Optisert in automotive, heavy truck, and general industrial applications with more projects on the way.

    Solutions for Heavy Trucks and Construction and Agriculture Equipment

    We’ve added two new industry pages and a solutions for composite page that highlight some of the most popular and best practice fasteners for the application.

    The Fastener Solutions for Heavy Trucks, Fastener Solutions for Construction and Agriculture Equipment and Fastener Solutions for Composite Materials pages are designed for OEMs and distributors to think about the applications they have and how the joint can be secured better or assembled better. Use the products other assemblers are using in your own to save money and decrease waste.

    While many of these our products are standard rivet nut products in our catalog, others are custom solution fasteners designed specifically for the application. Our engineering team will work directly with the OEM to find a solution that is the best performing, cost effective, and makes it easier on assemblies.

    Sherex President Adam Pratt Presentation at IFE

    Sherex President Adam Pratt had the opportunity to present at IFE and talked about a variety of topics, including how rivet nut fasteners are ideal replacements for weld nuts. The talking points in all of these snippets are great and useful when talking about Sherex products or rivet nut fastening in general.

    Take a look at the videos below:

    Weld Nuts vs. Rivet Nuts

    Sherex Optisert with Installation Data!

    Sherex RIV-FLOAT

    Why Assemblers Need and Calibration Unit

    Benefits to Using Process Monitoring

    More Innovations to Come!

    Like our Optisert round body rivet nut – Sherex has a few more “game-changers” in the hopper that assemblers will love to get their hands on. As Adam Pratt said in his presentation at IFE, Sherex will always try to innovate and push assemblers to use the best fastener for the application. And with more products to come, that means better fasteners and better applications.

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