Budd Sales Co. Tabbed as New Sales Rep

Sherex Fastening Solutions, a global leader in engineered fasteners, tooling, and automation, is proud to announce its relationship with Budd Sales Company, an engineered fastening specialist to be a sales representative in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Budd Sales

Budd Sales, owned and operated by Tom Buddenbohn, has over 40 years’ experience working with manufacturers to find the right fastening solutions for their applications. Sherex’s wide-range of quality fastening products, including rivet nuts, clinch nuts, threaded inserts, wedge-locking washers and nuts through its Disc-Lock® and TEC Series® product lines, and the tooling to install these fastening products, makes the match an ideal fit for Budd Sales.

“Sherex’s product profile is exactly what Budd Sales is looking for and what manufactures in the Southwest are looking for,” said Buddenbohn. “Sherex has outstanding products and customer service so this will be a win with manufacturers in this region.”

Sherex has provided quality fasteners to producers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana for almost 20 years and Budd Sales will provide even more visibility for Sherex products across this region.

“Tom is well regarded in the industry as a leading fastening expert so we’re very excited with Budd Sales representing Sherex,” said Sherex President Adam Pratt. “Manufacturers and assembly facilities will benefit the most from this relationship.”

To learn more about Budd Sales, visit https://buddsales.com.

To learn more about Sherex, visit www.sherex.com

About Sherex Fastening Solutions

Sherex Fastening Solutions is a leading manufacturer of fasteners for thin sheet material applications in steel, aluminum, and composite materials. Sherex manufactures rivet nuts, clinch nuts, inserts for composite, stud and nut plates, and through the acquisition of Disc-Lock, wedge-locking washers and nuts. Sherex has two strategic production facilities: Sherex Taiwan, located in Chungli, Taiwan, is certified to IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001 and has an ISO 17025 accredited lab, and Sherex Akron, located in Akron, Ohio, is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100. Beyond its headquarters in Buffalo, NY, Sherex also has sales and distribution facilities in Mexico, UK, and Poland. Sherex services a wide-range of industries, including automotive, general manufacturing, renewable energy, agricultural, and aerospace.