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  1. Sherex Akron Helps COVID-19 Vaccination Effort with Quick Turnaround

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    Sherex Akron

    Recently, a customer of ours needed a special part in a hurry – and for good reason.

    This closed end rivet nut was going to be used in a blood transfusion centrifuge that is used in the production of the COVID-19 vaccination efforts. If that wasn’t enough to expedite this order, the team in need of this part had a production line down.

    Sherex Closed End Rivet NutTime and efficiency were critical.

    The first email was received at Sherex Akron on a Monday at 12:03 p.m. explaining the dire situation. The small batch of products was made and shipped at 3:10 p.m. on Tuesday, ready to be used on the production line for Wednesday, with plenty of more on the way in the coming days and weeks to keep production running smoothly.

    This was a fast, day and a half turnaround by the Sherex Akron team knowing how important this part is to hundreds of thousands of people who are suffering from this terrible pandemic.

    “Thank you for making this an important situation within your company,” the customer said in an email. “Please extend my thanks to all the people involved with getting some parts ready to ship today.”

    When Sherex said back in June that we were prioritizing projects directly impacting the mitigation and vaccination efforts of COVID-19 we weren’t kidding. This is just another example of the speed, competency and care, along with quality parts, the Sherex team delivered for our customer that we know will make a giant impact.

  2. Sherex Fastening Solutions Year in Review

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    From all of us at Sherex Fastening Solutions, we want to wish you and your families a very happy and healthy holiday season.

    This year was challenging for Sherex, but we were able to accomplish so much. Let’s take a look back on some of some of the accomplishments that took place over the past year.

    Coronavirus and its Impact

    This year was challenging for Sherex and many of our customers. Keeping our employees safe is always our No. 1 goal, and this year it took on a new meaning. With information on the coronavirus changing what seemed like every day, we were able to take the lead from our manufacturing facility in Taiwan that implemented a thorough mitigation strategy.

    With a virus safety plan in place to keep employees safe, we prioritized our projects into helping American businesses who are making applications to help curb the spread or protect people from the virus and we still are. Our Akron Ohio manufacturing facility was able to deliver quality products, on time, to these important customers.

    Launching the Hand Tool Calibration Unit

    Our new Sherex Hand Tool Calibration Unit is a “must have” for any engineer and installer. The Sherex Hand Tool Calibration Unit shows the installed force of both spin-spin and spin-pull tools in real time. Our customers are seeing great results. This new product allows installers and operators to easily check the pulling force of their rivet nut tools to improve installation, while reducing installation times, and waste.

    3D Model TEC Series available on the site

    Have you checked out our 3D models of our TEC Series wedge locking washers? Design engineers are encouraged to use these in their drawings to see how an exact fit would look like. There are over 50 different design programs available to download from. Check it out! Soon to come, 3D models of our rivet nuts!

    New Products Coming

    In 2021, we are on pace to launch two new products to add to our growing offering. Both of these new products will help improve customers’ installation process and improve their existing products. Stay tuned!

    Strong second half of the year and into 2021

    As manufacturing facilities began to reopen, business has picked up. Our last half of the year has seen us win a lot of projects as companies are seeing how our fastener innovations and commitment to find engineered solutions for unique fastening problems are separating Sherex from the competitors.

    Have a great holiday and wonderful 2021!

  3. Made in America Rivet Nuts

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    Did you know Sherex Fastening Solutions is a Made in America Fastener Company?

    Our manufacturing plant in Akron, Ohio makes millions of American made rivet nuts, compression limiters, and inserts for composites every year. Our parts out of Sherex Akron belong in some of the hottest vehicles on the road today, dozens of commercial and military aircraft, general industrial applications, and department of defense products. In fact, our Made in the USA rivet nuts were relied upon when companies pivoted to make products that helped mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, like hand sanitizer and ventilator stands, along with other critical applications for hospitals.

    Some of our most popular rivet nut lines are produced out of Sherex Akron, including our CAT and CFT Series, NAS Series, and custom rivet nuts and fasteners.

    The CAT style rivet nuts has a low profile flange and can fit into a variety of different material thickness and material. This rivet nut could be a one fit solution if the material you’re looking to fasten has different thickness.

    CAT Style Rivet Nut from Sherex

    CAT Series Rivet Nuts

    All NAS style rivet nuts are also made from our Sherex Akron location. The United States Department of Defense relies on Sherex NAS/MS rivet nuts for a variety of applications.

    Our inserts for composite product line is used for structural attachments in plastic applications and are used extensively in the automotive and heavy truck industries as customer drive light weighting initiatives by switching to composite material for their components. In addition, Sherex adds compression limiters to these applications to ensure the mating component is not damaged due to the compressive force of the fastened joint.

    NAS Style Rivet Nuts

    NAS Style Rivet Nuts

    Also, most custom rivet nuts are made out of Sherex Akron. With our staff of engineers and manufacturing facility, we’re able to see custom, American made rivet nuts from the design and manufacturing process all the way through quality control.

    More upgrades are being made to the facility planned in 2020 to help increase capacity as demand as our Made in America rivet nut products continues to grow. More to come from Sherex Akron!

  4. Watertight Rivet Nuts

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    In an earlier post we talked about how corrosion should be considered when choosing the type of rivet nut to use in your next project, and what types of sprays can help deter or limit the pace of red rust and white rust from occurring.

    Now water will certainly speed up the corrosion process, but that shouldn’t eliminate the use of rivet nuts in wet conditions, or conditions where a rivet nut will spend some of its life submerged in water or fluid.

    Our partner Tubtara® has a few different watertight and fluid proof rivet nuts that are designed with seals underneath the flange to keep water and fluids from leaking through the rivet nut. Tubtara’s Watertight HX series feature a O-ring seal mounted underneath the flange, and provides protection against moisture, oil, and dirt under high pressures. Despite the O-ring, it will deliver a metal to metal contact after installation.

    Tubtara Sherex Watertight HX

    Tubtara Watertight HX Rivet Nut. Notice the O-ring seal underneath the flange.

    The Watertight (H)DPX Series is a rivet nut that has an applied sealant underneath the head. This non-reactive seal is resistant to many auto oils, antifreeze and other kinds of fluids with a higher viscosity. The seal in the (H)DPX Series can come in a variety of different seal material including NBR, Viton, silicone, epoxy based, acrylate and polyurethane resin.

    Tubtara Sherex HDPX Rivet Nuts

    Non-reactive seal is great for use in high viscosity fluids

    Any application where you wouldn’t want water or fluid to leak underneath or through the rivet nut should require a watertight rivet nut. Without using one of the seals, whether it’s an O-ring or sealant, it may not be completely watertight – especially as corrosion begins to develop.

    For more information on watertight rivet nuts, or if looking for a solution for fasteners that will perform well under water or fluid, contact us!

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