Renewable energy projects are booming all over the world. Wind and solar lead the way as more and more countries are turning toward these cleaner energies for power.

TEC Series on Solar PanelsWhile both solar and wind don’t require manual operation to create power unlike a traditional gas- or coal-fired power plants, solar and wind farms do feature critical components that require maintenance.

Sherex’s line of wedge locking washers and nuts can help decrease maintenance costs by securing the joints that loosen over time due to vibration.

Both solar and wind farms are exposed to the elements throughout their entire life. Rain, snow, ice, and wind can cause critical joints to loosen over time. Solar farms around the United States rely on TEC Series and Disc-Lock products to strengthen racking system and ensure it won’t loosen due to vibration. Both Disc-Lock and TEC Series washers and nuts ensure installers that the racking system won’t be comprised.

It’s quite obvious that wind turbines have lots of vibration. Not only are the blades constantly spinning when the wind blows, but like a solar farm, it’s also exposed to the elements. Disc-Lock washers and locking nuts can be used to help secure critical joints on a wind turbine. Whether it’s at the base or actually inside the turbine itself.

These small but critical washers and nuts save on maintenance costs and they ensure safety since components won’t loosen or become compromised.

Here are our product profiles in the 2021 North American Clean Energy Solar Buyers Guide and the 2021 North American Clean Energy Wind Buyers Guide.

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